Thunder Blunder….

I’ve always wondered what’s with these thunder claps and lightning streaks, sometimes I thought them to be supernatural occurrences, @ other times I thought it was some unknown phenomenon. But suddenly today I heard a loud Thunder clap and suddenly I was googling “what causes thunder?”….

So I am gonna share with you this information which I researched today.


Thunder storm clouds have currents of constantly moving air columns, these cause severe electrical changes in the cloud. The top of the cloud becomes positively charged and the bottom of the cloud negatively charged. these opposite charges attract and causes an electric discharge which is LIGHTNING. The lightning Streak produces almost up to 60,000 degree Fahrenheit or 33,315 degree Celsius, the resultant heat plows through the cooler clouds causing a loud bang or THUNDER. since light travels faster than sound, lightning comes first and thunder follows.

I also learnt that the louder the thunder rumble the nearer the lightning strike, it can even be calculated. To calculate, just count the seconds between the lightning streak and thunder clap, each second represents 300 meters.

So the next time you hear a thunder clap you immediately will know what’s happening up there… and if you are lucky enough you can even calculate the distance between you and the lightning strike….


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