This is all about how to live more comfortably using the new “libraries” feature in the new Microsoft’s windows 7 Operating system.

The default opening view of windows explorer in Windows 7 is the libraries view, in order to make things more organized and easy, you can arrange, re-arrange, add and delete a library and have all your frequently used folders in a one stop location. for eg, if you have your documents or pictures spread over many locations you can add all those under the same library so the locations of those files are undisturbed but you have all the locations @ one stop.


Only individual folders can be added to the library. Individual drives can be added too.

My Computer, Network, Removable drives are a few things that cannot be added.

To add a new library, open your libraries folder, right click on a empty area and select New>Library. Now name your library, open it, click on include folder and browse to your folder and add it.

Adding new locations to already existing libraries is just a few clicks. Open the library where you want to add the new location, Right click on a empty area inside, select properties, click the include folder button and browse to the location and add it.

Let me Know of your favorite way of organizing folders.


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