A picture is worth more than a thousand words is so true especially in a blog post or a website. A picture not only makes the post visually appealing but it gives more information on whatever the post is about. Screenshot’s are needed especially if you are posting a HOW-TO or you are introducing a new product or a site.


When it comes to “Screen-shooting” there are a lot of alternatives, both Native to Operating systems and third party applications. “Print Screen”[OS independent], Snipping Tool[Windows Vista and Windows 7], are a few native applications and a little Googling will show you tons of freeware and shareware available for accomplishing this task.

All these tools are OK when you are casually posting, what if you are in a hurry and you came across a site which you wanna shout to the world through your blog or what if you don have any third party tools and the “print screen > MS paint” routine aint fun anymore?????

Superscreenshot comes to the rescue… Just head to the site, insert the URL of the site you need a screenshot of and click go and Voila!!!! there is your screenshot with NO frills attached. You are just a “copy –paste” away from gettin it into your post [yeah!!!! its really that simple]

As usual 😉 there is a HITCH.. it works ONLY for websites

Other ways of easily posting screenshots to your blog or site is to use Picnik Tools (or) kwout. These sites offer Firefox extensions or bookmarklets that allow you to capture, edit and upload to your blog.

There even exists some sites (shup) (clip2net) that offer system-tray utilities that automatically capture, allow editing and upload to popular image hosting sites and you can then use the URL of the images for your post.

These tools definitely increase your productivity and are a boon to bloggers and digital writers.

What tools do you use for screenshots let me know….


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