Windows 7 Compatibility Center

win7 comp cent

Wondering if the new application you like will be compatible with windows 7??? or if that piece of hardware which never was identified by vista would be compatible in windows 7????

Well!!! you got two options from Microsoft on this one.. and both are free….

The first option is Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor : This is of particular value if you wanna know if your existing hardware or the software that you have installed is gonna be compatible with windows 7.

upgrade advisor

But what if you are planning to purchase a new machine or a new app and wonder if it will be compatible with 7??? Then comes Windows 7 compatibility center to the rescue. Unlike the Upgrade advisor this is an online service, just enter the name of your software or hardware that you wanna check out and the next screen will list out if the Software or hardware is compatible with windows 7. This particularly works well for Software suites, like Nero Where every component of that software suite will be analyzed and presented. There is a 32-bit and 64 bit option as well..

win7 comp cent nod


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