Windows 7 – Yet Another Review


There are already many reviews on windows 7 so why another one? This is my personal view of the shiny new OS from Microsoft.

Windows 7 comes in a variety of flavors Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate & Enterprise but my review is gonna be about 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. It was a clean install and not an Upgrade.

Before I installed windows 7, I backed up all my Files and downloaded the windows 7 upgrade advisor from Microsoft website and ran it and my Toshiba laptop seemed very compatible.

win7_upgrade win7_upgrade2

Last year, when I installed Windows Vista my system bogged down under the pressure of the operating system. So I went back to a dual boot with ubuntu 8.10 and Windows XP.

Now since all the beta reviews suggested that Windows 7 was faster and more responsive I was more optimistic about running windows 7 on my machine and I was Excited at the prospect of running the shiny and hyped about version of Windows.

I planned on a dual boot option with XP and Windows 7. So I partitioned my hard disk with the awesome Linux based Parted magic 3.5 and off went my Win 7 DVD into the drive.

I was greeted with pretty much similar vistaish installer initially but that quickly changed into a better 7 experience, I left the product key part empty since I just wanted to preview for a few days and only if my experience was positive I would make it my primary OS. Everything thing went smooth and fast and I was filling in my username etc, a restart and I was in.

It was visually and technically a very pleasant experience. The taskbar was great as advertised, windows media player 12 & internet explorer 8 integrated excellently in the taskbar. My graphics adapter was recognized and resolution configured out of the box which was quite surprising. The installations of MS office 2007, AVG antivirus, Firefox browser, WMDC for my windows mobile, windows live, Nero 8 went on very well without a hitch. I was more surprised when windows update installed the latest drivers for my intel 945 chipset. Now was the time to rate my machine. The score was 3.1, the least being my graphics 🙂 but this time my machine isn’t trailing as it was in vista, everything is much quicker and much more responsive.

Aero peek, window snap, aero shake were really cool.  🙂

The best feature was the taskbar [DOCK]; I am really enjoying everything it has to offer. It is almost like a dock and the way it is designed is very useful, productive and fun. If you have 12 windows open at the same time the taskbar is no more crapped up, its more visually pleasing and feature rich.


I am an avid gamer, but since all the operating systems after windows XP were Graphics intensive, they all failed to run the games I play often. Windows 7 was no exception but the included games and the way they behave has kept me engrossed enough [at least till now]

Now that a few days are still remaining for windows activation but am already considering a complete switch from Windows XP. Windows 7 really is an Energizer to my PC.

How was your eXPerience with windows 7…. share it with us…


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